Letter: Holtan

February 17, 2019

Many despise President Trump. Let’s see which is the most hate-worthy reason:

Personal income taxes are lower — more money in your pocket. Corporate taxes are lower — booming economy, record low unemployment. Stock market is booming, increasing many pension accounts. Newly employed are now paying taxes, not drawing unemployment. Many new jobs — especially for Hispanics, African-Americans, women. The rate of price increases on prescriptions has slowed significantly.

Others in the U.N. are now paying their fair share. Other countries will now pay for our military protection. We have withdrawn from several ridiculous agreements. NAFTA is replaced with USMCA — trade deficit is much less. China is being confronted with trade disparities and the theft of intellectual property. North Korea has stopped its nuclear testing. North Korea has released U.S. citizens being held.

First president in modern times doing what the oath of office promises. Health care cost increases have slowed or reduced. No one has lost their health care because of Washington. Before election he took no government money for campaign. Since elected, he has donated all of his salary to charity. All accusations of misconduct have proven false.

He says it like it is regardless if it costs him the “Miss Congeniality” title. Non-violent, first time offenders are being released—costing us much less. Our space program is being revived. Veterans administration is now much more accountable. I could go on.

Donald Holtan, Rochester