Stonington approves farm exemptions

April 14, 2019

Stonington -- Residents at Thursday’s town meeting approved an ordinance that will exempt up to 100,000 and individual non-residential farm buildings to the extent of their assessed value to a maximum of 200,000, the owner would pay taxes on only 100,000 exemption. The same would hold true for equipment.

Tax Assessor Marsha Standish has said farmers already can apply for exemptions on equipment assessed at up to 100,000 exemption on equipment for a total of $200,000 on equipment.

First Selectman Rob Simmons announced a the town meeting that he would not participate in the vote as his family owns Stone Acres farm on North Main Street.

Residents also approved a proposal to rename the revitalized Permanent Committee to Study the Needs and Use of Town Public Buildings to the Stonington Facilities Committee, a reduction of nine words.