Spearfish, Lawrence Co. consider transferring jurisdiction of certain sections of roads

April 5, 2019

SPEARFISH — The city of Spearfish and Lawrence County are considering the transfer of ownership and maintenance responsibility on certain roads, with the Spearfish City Council approving a resolution Monday that outlines the portions of roadways in question.

“The resolution before you tonight is a long time coming and a culmination of several discussions with the county,” City Administrator Mike Harmon said, adding, “Through the mayor’s leadership, she has asked us to bring equity to this arrangement (of which county roads the city is maintaining and vice versa).”

During the process, city staff met with county staff to discuss which roads serve the city taxpayers and make sense for the city to maintain, and which roads make sense to remain under the jurisdiction of Lawrence County.

The resolution lists portions of three roadway rights-of-ways that would transfer from the county to the city, including approximately .692 miles of Hillsview Road, from the intersection of McGuigan Road to the intersection of College Lane; approximately 1.446 miles of Maitland Road, from East Colorado Boulevard, to a private driveway, Voorhees Lane, 1.446 miles away; and two sections of Hill Street, one .023 miles to the intersection of St. Joe Street, and the other .088 miles to the intersection of Harvard Street.

The portions of city roadway listed in the resolution to transfer to the county would be approximately .761 miles of Acorn Ridge Road, from the intersection of St. Onge Oil Road to city limits.

Harmon said that the working group agreed to bring the resolution to both governing bodies for their consideration. Should both parties agree, the resolutions would go to the state Department of Transportation, and once finalized, the city would own and maintain the roads the state shows as the city’s, and the county would own and be responsible for the roads the state designates as the county’s.

“This would resolve the jurisdictional issues that both bodies view today,” he said.

Harmon said that the second step is for the city to outline criteria for when roads would come into the city’s jurisdiction should it annex land in the future. This would include the condition of the road, who the road serves, etc., Harmon said, and staff would work through that process to bring criteria back to the council for its consideration.

The city council unanimously approved the resolution; the Lawrence County Commission would consider the road transfers at a future meeting.

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