The ‘Family Feud’ audition is on

October 9, 2018

Courtesy of Brenda Lucas“Family Feud” auditioning family members pictured, from left, are Brenda Lucas, Jeannie Grieco, Mike Grieco, Cathy Porter and Kenneth Porter.

When my sister got “tagged” in a Facebook post Sunday, Sept. 2, it linked to Family Feud tryouts, she didn’t think about causing a “Family Feud.”

Jeannie Grieco eagerly took immediate action filling out the application listing those she thought would be good competitors and could attend. The choices included her husband, Mike, me, her sister, Cathy Porter, niece; and Kenneth Porter, Cathy’s husband. Knowing there were thousands of applicants from every walk of life and perhaps every state, how could she even have a second thought that these West Virginia folks would have a chance? Jeannie never expected to get a return email, so she said. She waited to receive the family’s permission after she was notified of the acceptance to audition.

When the acceptance email came Sept. 12, she was thrilled and decided to share the news and used the “voluntold” method, but she was somewhat shocked when their approvals were accepted. In fact, we were all in shock and didn’t want to burst her bubble at first. But as the shock wore off, the other four stood in complete amazement as to what could she have been thinking? As time grew closer, we decided it was necessary for us to “look good” to represent our state of West Virginia well. What other way to represent the state than using its colors of blue and gold? Off Jeannie went to accomplish this task.

The other two ladies accepted her choice of attire but we felt the guys would probably be receptive with just about anything to keep the females off their case. We were a little concerned that we would be unfaithful to Marshall University but the colors of West Virginia are blue and gold. We went with it.

The five got packed and told our little 86-year-old momma of our excursion. She couldn’t quite fathom the gist of it all but of course, went along for the ride, family fun time and not to be the one holding us back. We all loaded up in the van on Sept. 22 heading for Louisville, Ky., and she asked us several times on the way “now where are we going again?” and we would each take turns trying to explain what the heck her crazy family was doing. Each time, she smiled and said “Ok.” She watches Family Feud herself with us and enjoys Steve Harvey almost as much as we do so she knew exactly who he was.

We spent the night and got up on Sept. 23 raring and ready to go, almost all of us. Maybe I should say the “girls” were ready, the guys reluctantly went along for the ride but they ended up having as much fun as we did! They thought it was going to be a brutal few hours but it was very organized and fun to watch!

We arrived at the Kentucky Exposition Center at 10:30 a.m. and one of the first things we saw in the lobby was photos of Steve Harvey. We had to sign in and our information was immediately handed to us as we were directed to one of four huge conference room areas where more paperwork had to be completed.

Momma sat right in the middle of the five still saying “you mean to tell me, you guys came all the way here for this?” We answered, “Yes momma, this is fun and we are gonna try out to win money and go see Steve Harvey in California and be on TV”.

Again, we would just receive that little smile and she would be okay for a little while still being a trooper and sitting there trying to grasp the entire picture. We knew when we were next to participate, so we told her we would be leaving her to go up front but she could see us and watch us play the pretend game. She sat content, completely fine with it, on the edge of her seat and smiled.

When we got up front to compete against the Indianapolis, Indiana, family, a member of the “Family Feud” team was videotaping. The “pretend” game went fast and when our time was up, we all were wishing we could have played longer because it so much fun. Not as nerve-wrecking as you would thin ... more fun than anything ... now, the “wait and see” is in effect. Videos will be watched and selected families will receive a postcard within four weeks notifying them that they will be put it in active file for a REAL show opportunity sometime between April and October, 2019, with an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, Calif. That would be totally awesome but the audition alone was a very good family event and was something that was “out of the norm” for us.

The Grieco/Lucas families aren’t really expecting to be contacted due to the excessive amount of families auditioning in this location, as well as other areas in the mix (Chicago should be the next stop), but it was a great experience and excellent family time. The only thing that could have made the day more awesome would be to have had the older sister, Linda Hoover, standing there in the midst. She was killed instantly in a car accident in August 2002 while driving to church. Linda loved watching the show and enjoyed it as well. She was there with us in our hearts and looking down from heaven as this was dedicated in her honor and memory.

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