Letter to the editor: Tax dollars and Trump’s lies

November 26, 2018

I’ve been watching my taxpayer dollars squandered as Trump flies city to city hoping to win votes for the midterms with a series of outrageous lies. I haven’t seen any coverage addressing this in the Tribune-Review, so I’m writing to point out the most egregious examples of dishonesty that citizens in our area should consider when heading to the polls.

First, Trump and many other Republicans claim they will protect insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. I hope readers are aware that 17 Republican governors have joined a lawsuit to invalidate the requirement for coverage for pre-existing coverage.

Trump claims the GOP won’t touch Medicare or Social Security, yet Mitch McConnell has said, on several recent occasions, that the GOP goal after midterms is to cut Medicare, Social Security, and insurance subsidies mandated under Obamacare in order to recoup some of the $978 billion (this year!) deficit that resulted from their recent tax cut, which benefits families in the top 1 percent and corporations far more than it benefits ordinary Americans.

Finally, there are no known “middle Eastern terrorists” in the migrant caravan slowly making its way to our border. It is composed primarily of women and children seeking asylum from violence, which is in part due to U.S. policies and interventions in the region. This assault on truth is a GOP ploy to energize their base.

Karen Shackelford


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