GLASTONBURY, Conn. (AP) _ When town Fire Marshal Christopher Siwy married volunteer firefighter Ruth Ann Louise Brydon, they heard blaring sirens instead of pealing church bells.

A fire truck's elevated platform became their altar. Hose nozzles served as vases for bouquets of flowers. And while the bride wore white, the groom dressed in his fire marshal uniform.

Brydon, 36, arrived at her wedding Wednesday in the fire marshal's official car. She and Siwy, 31, stepped into the bucket of a firetruck's cherry picker as a wedding march played from a tape machine.

As he joined them in marriage, Justice of the Peace William DiBella warned the couple that even the best marriages must endure storms ''and fires.''

''But your ship of life and your firetruck will carry you safely home,'' DiBella said.

Afterward, a fire rescue truck and two town firetrucks raced away, sirens blaring.