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Sally Jessy Raphael Guest Arrested After Watching Himself on TV

September 24, 1993

NEW YORK (AP) _ A man who boasted on ″Sally Jessy Raphael″ that he violated his parole was taken into custody while watching himself on television.

″They figured a good time to look for him was when the show was on the air,″ said Bill Licatovich, a federal marshals’ spokesman in Washington.

Blaize Pugh appeared on Thursday’s prerecorded edition of the syndicated show. He bragged he had twice faked his own death, served 11 months in prison and broken his parole, spokeswoman Lee Fryd said.

Pugh then astonished the show’s producers by saying he was still being tracked by the U.S. Coast Guard and ″a detective.″

″And here you are on television?″ Raphael asked. ″And you are not wearing any disguise?″

″He doesn’t know where I live,″ Pugh said.

Wrong. Licatovich said federal officers learned of Pugh’s appearance on the show and had a list of places where he might be hiding.

Marshals went to Pugh’s house in Washington, D.C., on Thursday with an arrest warrant naming him for parole violation on a conviction for receiving stolen property.

″True to form, there he was, at home, watching himself on TV,″ Licatovich said.

Pugh will remain in jail in Washington, pending a meeting of the federal parole board to determine his fate.

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