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AM-Prep: Kickers

May 28, 2019


BOSTON (AP) — In baseball, it’s not unusual for a team to need a relief pitcher during a game. But it is odd for a relief pitcher to need relief shoes. That’s what happened yesterday in Boston _ where Cleveland Indians’ reliever Oliver Pérez needed to get a new pair of shoes rushed out to him on the mound. As he warned up for the bottom of the fifth, Pérez noticed a problem with his left cleat. He called for time _ then called for a new pair of shoes. In the interim, fans were treated to the sight of Pérez wandering around the mound area in his stocking feet. Once he got the new kicks, he was back on the mound. Perhaps he should have stayed with the defective shoes; the Red Sox scored 6 runs in the inning to go ahead 9-3 on their way to a 12-5 win.


BOSTON (AP) — If Boston Bruins fans get a big head over their attempt to win the Stanley Cup, at least they have a helmet large enough to protect their collective noggins. A nonprofit group has installed a giant Bruins helmet atop a statue of Arthur Fiedler (FEED’-lur), the late, beloved conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra. The helmet was put on yesterday _ in time for last night’s opening game of the Stanley Cup finals. The helmet is 17 feet in circumference. It isn’t the first time Fielder has been outfitted with outsized headgear. The famed Pops conductor has also rocked a giant Red Sox cap. So far, the headwear has paid off. The Bruins won last night to take a 1-0 series lead over the St. Louis Blues.


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida Goodwill store ended up with a donation that raised fears of a detonation. The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office says someone decided to drop a grenade into a donation bin earlier this month. The grenade didn’t get set off _ but the find did set off some concern. Workers called 911 _ and PCPalm reports the store was evacuated and the bomb squad dispatched. Turns out the grenade was inert. The same thing happened at a nearby Goodwill store last year.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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