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Marshall High School Students Will Experience World

August 1, 1990

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) _ Students at Marshall High School will learn their geography this year, or else - or else they might have trouble finding their classroom.

Each classroom has been transformed into a country, using paint and decor reflecting the culture of the assigned country.

And buildings at the school in southeastern Portland now represent continents.

″I’m going to force the staff and kids to find their way round geographically,″ principal Colin Karr-Morse said.

Teachers will post daily news articles and other country facts. Country flags and products will also be on display.

Karr-Morse said the idea came after the results of a Gallup poll released last year showed that U.S. residents between the ages of 18 and 24 could only identify seven of 16 countries on the globe. People in the same age group from countries such as Mexico, Italy, Canada, Japan and Sweden all scored higher.

Gail Ludwig, geographer in residence at the National Geographic Society, said she has never heard of another school using the Marshall concept.