Intersection focus again of roads department

July 15, 2018

HUMPHREY — The Highway 81 and Highway 91 intersection project is in the Nebraska Department of Transportation’s newest one-year plan that was made public last week.

The department has stated the intersection will undergo construction next year in an effort to make it safer, but it is still working on the details of that construction plan.

Kevin Domogalla, the department’s District 3 engineer based in Norfolk, said there will be two meetings planned to share information and gather input — one for stakeholders and one for the public.

Those meetings will take place yet this year, but dates have not been set yet.

Stakeholders are those who own land in the area of the intersection, have expressed an interest in the safety of the area or are public officials.

“We’re still in the planning phase. We’re getting our stakeholders together,” Domogalla said.

He said stakeholders have been contacted, and that meeting is for those targeted who have a direct connection to the intersection.

Vicki Kramer, spokeswoman for the department, said the stakeholder meeting will take place “in the next couple months, and then we’ll probably hold the public meeting after that.”

“There will be opportunities for the public to share their opinions in the public meeting and stakeholders meeting,” Kramer said.

The intersection has a long history of accidents, including fatalities, and came under scrutiny in May when there were six wrecks in about five weeks.

Another project in the one-year plan is on Highway 81 West, on Highway 91, from east of Lindsay to Highway 81. It covers about nine miles. It involves resurfacing and culverts will be replaced.

Domogalla said bid letting will be this fall and work done in 2019.

A project in the five-year plan is Columbus East and North, which covers parts of Highway 81 and Highway 30. It’s located in the northbound lanes, south and north of Platte Center.

There is asphalt pavement that is in need of repair and concrete will be patched followed by an overlay. It covers 5.5 miles.

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