Madison County updates its severe weather policy

January 10, 2019

MADISON - Debate ensued at the Madison County Commissioners meeting Tuesday between the Commissioners and elected officials about updating the severe weather policy.

A number of the elected officials expressed displeasure with the commissioners’ reluctance to close the courthouse early during the most recent snow storm.

Newly elected Chairman Ron Schmidt said he understood the frustrations.

“It was me, I was sitting right here (during the recent snow storm) looking out back and didn’t see how bad it was. Number two, I was not the chairman at that time. If you want someone to close the courthouse you have to call the chairman, that was the process at that time. Number three, you as an elected official can let your people go at any time, you have that freedom.”

They all agreed that if there’s a 100 percent chance of a snow storm the night before they will have a late start and then decide the day of if they will extend the closure for the whole day.

If the weather is bad the morning of, a decision will be made by 5:30 A.M. on whether or not to close the courthouse.

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