Dick Gallien: Why not try Gypsy horses in city parks?

November 24, 2018

Winona’s 27 parks have come a long way from when a man would shout at us kids to quit playing on the Lake Park grass in the late 1930s.

There’s the Deer Park and goats clearing buckthorn on the bluffs, so why not some Gypsy horse lawn mowers? Girls become infatuated with horses 10 to 1 over boys and some women become addicted. The Winona Farm has 20-plus Gypsy horses and I can guarantee that they will clip each blade of grass all summer and burn hay all winter. To stop my nagging about the nags, the farm’s addicts have volunteered to set up a solar powered electric fence in an appropriate part of Lake Park, for some mares and their foals. The Roman Gypsies in the UK created this breed of horses to pull their families in wagons. They are attractive, with feathered (hairy) hooves and are people-oriented.

At no cost to the city, we can guarantee they will mow the grass, while attracting national attention, unlike any human operated, gas guzzling lawn mower. City kids can dare each other to test the electric fence and girls of all ages can admire them longingly.

Dick Gallien, Winona

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