CNN report focuses on Kelli Ward’s husband

July 11, 2018

Kelli Ward’s Senate campaign is firing back against recent criticism about her husband’s use of Twitter.

Michael Ward’s Twitter history was the subject of a CNN investigation last week, leading Kelli Ward to publicly dismiss the media organization as “full bonkers.”

“Focusing on obscure details of Dr. Ward’s social media activity rather than his impressive profile as an emergency physician and decorated 33-year Air Force veteran is ridiculous and shows exactly why the mainstream media is losing all credibility,” Kelli Ward campaign spokesman Zachary Henry told CNN last week.

Michael Ward is a Lake Havasu City medical doctor, former president of the Mohave County Republican Party and a retired U.S. Air Force veteran. According to CNN reporters Andrew Kaczynski and Nathon McDermott, he’s also propagated a host of right-wing conspiracy theories ranging from a Democratic conspiracy to murder DNC employee Seth Rich to 2016 accusations that Sen. McCain “supports, funds, equips and trains #ISIS.” Also in 2016, Ward tweeted and retweeted conspiracy theories suggesting Bill and Hillary Clinton murdered their political opponents throughout their respective political careers.

CNN, which has been long-maligned by the Trump Administration, sifted through thousands of tweets penned by Michael Ward since his wife’s 2016 U.S. Senate campaign against John McCain. During the 2016 primary elections, Ward referred to his wife’s opponent as being too “scared and frail” to debate Kelli Ward.

Ward’s official Twitter account accused CNN of inappropriate journalism. “Our campaign is surging so #FakeNewsCNN goes full bonkers, sends in ‘detectives’ to do a deep dive into my husband’s Twitter activity,” she wrote. “This is why Americans don’t buy @CNN propaganda.”

Attempts by the News-Herald to reach Kelli and Michael Ward were unsuccessful as of Tuesday evening.

CNN’s report can be found at www.CNN.com/2018/07/05/politics/kfile-kelli-ward-husband-tweets/index.html.

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