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Spearfisher Hospitalized After Shark Attack

June 20, 1989

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ Carl Loe watched his spearfishing partner shoot a 150-pound shark, and then felt the heavy jaws of a second shark clamp onto his leg.

″When I turned and looked, there was nothing but teeth embedded in my leg,″ the 45-year-old furniture retailer said Monday from Ochsner Foundation Hospitals, where he has been hospitalized since Saturday.

Loe, of Slidell, was more than 100 feet underwater in the Gulf of Mexico and 40 miles off the coast at Cocodrie, southwest of New Orleans, when the 6- foot shark attacked.

Loe said he spotted a sand tiger shark and swam out of the way to let his partner, Arthur Bukasky, get off a shot with his speargun.

That shark fled, pulling Bukasky away, and then Loe was attacked by another 6-foot sand tiger.

He felt and saw the shark’s jaws open and close again, mauling his right leg and cutting his left.

″My only reaction was to punch him in the nose and get him off,″ said Loe.

He slammed the butt of his speargun into the shark’s nose until it let go. Then he swam to the surface where Carl Loe III, 15, worked to stop the bleeding and radioed for help.

A helicopter took Loe from the boat to Ochsner.

Loe said his leg was punctured and cut in dozens of places, but doctors tell him he should recover fully.

He said the attack won’t stop his spearfishing. Shark attacks ″are so rare and so extreme I don’t think it’s going to keep me from diving,″ he said. ″I may be quite a bit more cautious from now on.″

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