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Judge Reverses 60 More Cases In Philadelphia Police Scandal

March 21, 1996

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Akins, Andrews, Archer, Banks ...

For more than an hour Wednesday, a prosecutor read off 60 names and asked a judge to overturn their drug convictions as part of an expanding corruption scandal in the police department’s 39th District.

So far, 116 convictions have been reversed in the year-old scandal in which six former officers have confessed to planting drugs on suspects, stealing their money and falsifying police reports.

More cases are expected as internal and federal investigations continue.

``There are a lot more to come,″ said public defender Bradley S. Bridge. ``I have mountains of files to go through, one by one.″

Bridge said authorities are currently evaluating about 1,800 arrests made between 1987 and 1992 that could be overturned.

None of the 60 people whose convictions were overturned Wednesday by Common Pleas Court Judge Legrome D. Davis were behind bars at the time.

But Bridge said it was important to remember that ``every one of those pieces of paper is someone whose life was drastically changed by this experience.″

Number 30 on the prosecutor’s list said he was glad just to put his run-in with convicted police officer Steven Brown behind him.

``I’m glad justice has been served, but I wish it hadn’t happened,″ said Eric Brinkley, who served six months in jail and 17 months on probation on bogus 1991 drug possession and trafficking charges.

Brinkley said he hadn’t decided if was going to sue the city, as many of the defendants have indicated.

``I’m not one to hold grudges,″ he said.

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