Letter: This is how government is supposed to work

August 3, 2018

Recently, the Army Corps of Engineers, City of Wabasha and Wabasha Port Authority agreed to a memorandum of understanding to establish a plan, in partnership, to manage the removal of dredged material from the Mississippi River. Prior to the MOU, eminent domain laws were being applied to take the land from the Drysdale family and others along the Mississippi River.

The diligent work by the office of U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis, state Rep. Steve Drazkowski, the Corps and local city officials, working together for the common good were in evidence when both the Lewis and Drazkowski offices contacted the Corps to have a formal meeting in October to review alternatives. The Corps, with its huge task list of projects, appreciated the reach-out and the Corps’ district office worked in good faith with local officials.

Eminent domain law can strip a family of their business — in our region, agriculture — that supports families and community. The Drysdales’ voices were heard by elected officials who took their issue to Washington, D.C. Watching the progress of the MOU, under the Lewis amendment to the Water Resources and Development Act at the federal level, we look to Rep. Drazkowski for leadership in the Legislature to ensure that alternative plans are considered for dredging material disposal.

This is how government is supposed to work.

Mary Frutiger, Kenyon

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