Kurt Krueger: Cheap shots against Kelli Ward

January 21, 2019

Editor: If I have my information correct, the Arizona Republican Party is having an election Jan. 26 for the chairman position of the party. On Jan. 16 we were in Scottsdale listening to KFYI radio. One of the news reports was about Michael Ward, Kelli Ward’s husband, in an alleged incident at the Republican Party’s general-election night gala on Nov. 6. An eye witness said the incident didn’t happen. The “victim” told police not to contact him. The police closed the case. So, why is this even being reported two months later? This “news” report is nothing more than a hit piece on Kelli Ward since she is running for chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party.

From what I see, this has the same MO as what the Democrats have been doing to President Trump. The Democrats can’t afford to have a professional working man, who’s a fighter, take the presidency and do the very things he campaigned on because they know he will get another four years and start a trend of the electorate not choosing politicians, but instead electing real, hardworking leaders from outside the political machine. So, what do they do? Anything and everything they can to destroy him … and us. Just look at those who hate Trump, democrats who want to destroy our country and republicans that don’t have a spine. I believe Kelli Ward is in that very position. She’s a strong conservative, a doctor, a fighter, a Trump supporter, and she wants to get things done. But, apparently, someone doesn’t want to fix a wimpy, low energy, Republican Party so they have to dig up false police reports from months ago to put on the radio in Phoenix just to try to smear her. Kelli Ward is exactly the leader the Arizona Republican Party needs instead of the lame, spineless, same’ol same ’ol.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City

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