Carusi will use voice to help schools -- Jennifer Greenwald

March 31, 2019

I am a Madison School District parent, teacher and member of Madison Teachers Inc. I have great respect and admiration for Kaleem Caire. Nevertheless, I believe Cris Carusi is the best candidate for Seat 3 on the School Board.

I know Carusi to be a vigilant advocate for students and teachers. She has participated in board meetings as a citizen for years and she understands the ins and outs of our district.

Carusi says the biggest challenge facing our district is the achievement gap. She understands there are things the district can do right now, like reducing class sizes, hiring more teachers of color, expanding culturally relevant teaching and making the district a place where teachers come to stay. She believes there should be some level of consistency across the district, but knows that gaps only close in schools where teachers and students have control over what happens in classrooms.

Furthermore, Carusi understands that if we really want schools where democracy lives and all students thrive, the district must provide the support, training and resources to back up their aspirations. Carusi will use her voice on the board to make sure that happens. Vote Carusi on April 2.

Jennifer Greenwald, Madison