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JERUSALEM (AP) _ Here is a list of 68 insults a legislator has culled from recent debates in Israel's parliament and wants banned as part of a campaign to improve the tone of discourse.

Animals, anti-Semite, backstabber, blood drinker, swamp fly, boors, brain defective, cheat, coarse, contemptible, corrupt, defacer of property, degenerate, dirty, enemy, evil one, fascist, father of violence, fifth column, filth, gang, government of murderers, gut-ripper and eye-gouger, horror, humbug, hypocrite, idiot, instigator of murder, Jew-hater, king of the swamp, leech, liar, loathsome, lunatic, man of blood, tortured saint (used ironically), may your name be blotted out, madman, mental case, monster, murderer, Nazi, nincompoop, occupying army, parasite, Philistine, pig, PLO, poisoner of wells, poodle, racist, reptile, savage, scoundrel, slanderer, character assassin, spiller of blood, swindler, terrorist, threat to the state, thug, total nonentity, traitor, Trojan horse, troublemaker for Jews, ugly, venal, worthless.