January is more than just a month to buy bedding

January 24, 2019

I read somewhere that January is a good month to buy bed sheets and towels. Is that all this month is good for? Deals on home goods? Thankfully not. Come to find out, January is a good month for lots of things.

It’s a good month to plan a garden. I’m putting jalapeño pepper plants in the ground this year and garlic bulbs and I was perusing All American Vegetable winners for some cool patio tomatoes. Bonus: Just looking. No need to buy or weed anything in January.

January is also a good time to binge watch. I am very much against watching more than 12 hours of a series every other month of the year but not during January. We have finally watched “Breaking Bad” which was a big deal five years ago. We’re catching up now that it’s January.

Another good thing to do in January is to change out filters. We’ve changed filters in our vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, car and furnace this month. Filters are under-appreciated and extremely useful. Thanks to January, we have time to change them.

This month you might also want to make a book list. There are 11 more months this year. Surely you can find 11 books that you’d really like to read in 2019. Now that we’re done with “Breaking Bad” I plan on starting on my reading list.

January is also a good month to redo a room. Our fifteen-year-old has a room which once was her oldest sister’s room and then her third oldest sister’s room and so she has inherited their room complete with old stickers and green paint on the walls. January is a month for new beginnings and this room needs a fresh start. We won’t have the same motivation in June.

It’s January and time to plan where to take a summer vacation. We have only a few days here and there when we can get away this year and if we don’t plan now, there won’t be a good Airbnb cabin left anywhere.

January is also a great month for signing up for a running/walking/biking event. At last count, there are 219 such events in 2019 in Nebraska. Start training now for a Leprechaun Run in March, or get your bike ready for a 25 mile Bike Ride for MS in September.

I’m sure January is a great time to buy new bed sheets and towels but why not close it out as a more exciting month than that?

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