PASCAGOULA, Miss. (AP) _ An escaped Mississippi inmate sought in the killing of an Alabama police officer was captured Sunday after an eight-day manhunt.

Mario Centobie was arrested near the Mississippi-Alabama state line. He had been sought by hundreds of authorities in the slaying of Moody, Ala., police officer Keith Turner, killed June 27.

Fellow inmate Jeremy Granberry, 19, was caught a day after the shooting and charged with murder.

Alabama State trooper Cpl. Damon Summers said Centobie, 32, apparently sneaked past searchers Saturday night and carjacked a motorist, but the driver escaped with his car near the state line.

Mississippi authorities received a phone call Sunday morning from someone who said Centobie was at the Mississippi Welcome Center. It was unclear if the driver made the call.

Meanwhile, police said Centobie talked a family of tourists into giving him a ride in their van to a nearby town. Police caught up with the van soon afterward and arrested him.

The family did not know Centobie was wanted, said Jackson County Sheriff Pete Pope.

``They were tourists just passing through,'' he said. ``The man was good at his game.''

Centobie and Granberry were being transported from a Mississippi prison to a court hearing on June 25 when they overpowered the sheriff and a friend who came along for the ride, authorities said.

The inmates allegedly tied the pair up, and escaped in the sheriff's unmarked cruiser.

The pair are accused of wounding a Tuscaloosa, Ala., policeman who pulled them over later that day.

Officials say the pair ditched the sheriff's vehicle and stole another car, then killed Turner when he stopped them in Moody.