DEXTER LAKE, N.Y. (AP) _ Shania Twain's music studio hit the wrong chord with state environmental officials, to the tune of a $25,000 fine.

The country music singer and her music-producer husband, Robert ``Mutt'' Lange, reached a settlement with New York over a state-of-the-art recording complex built on their 3,000-acre estate in the Adirondacks.

A state agency accused the couple of failing to get the proper permits and damaging wetlands with the construction.

Twain and Lange agreed to restore the wetlands and pay their fine to an environmental project intended for wetland and shoreline protection, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise reported Friday.

Twain and Lange bought the property five years for ago and now have it up for sale for $9 million. Residents nearby say they're sorry to see them go.

``The townspeople liked her (Twain) a great deal,'' John McFadden said. ``It was kind of nice to have a celebrity in town.''