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BC-Entries Ruidoso Downs

May 25, 2019

1st_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Allstar Daddy;124;Sign of Sixes;124
Run Lady Run;124;Mr Flashmaster;124
Daddys Sugar Momma;124;One More Wish;124
James Gang Boss;124;Copy Me Fast;124
Reagal Moon;124

2nd_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Winr Winr Chikindinr;124;Close to Crazy;124
Jess a Spark;124;Bigg Jack;124
Baby Angel Jess;124;Six Pack Fame;124
Burn One Down for Me;124;Livin On Love;124
Visible Dragon;124

3rd_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Daddies Lil Darlin;124;Cuzican;124
Amethyst;124;Major Regard;124
Kama Streaking;124;Flashin Sign;124
Flat Out Gittin It;124;Snow Jewels Sparkle;124
Singin in the Choir;124;Amandas Flashy;124

4th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Tyson Jv;124;A S Major Mamacita;124
Osbaldo Lady;124;Jess Tequila Talkin;124
Knockout Chick;124;Donelli;124
Flashin Regard;124;Kruzin 66;124
Watching Daddy;124;Wiki Wiki Rainbow;124

5th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Jessica Smith;124;Brianna Bordeaux;124
Big Edge;124;Speedy Hawkinson;124
All About Woody;124;Blu Sunset;124
Im Jess Cryin;124;Free Money;124
Victory Chicks;124

6th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Don Chuy C;124;Lv Pimp Daddy;124
Princess Katelyn;124;Flashing Moolah;124
Cyns Im Fastr Than U;124;One Famous Version;124
Rafitas Boy;124;First Neon Moon;124
Colby James;124;Jess a Dasher;124

7th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Sippin Totts;124;Wild Wines;124
Koochi Koo;124;Marrufo;124
Last Fight;124;Imarebeljustforkicks;124
Jess Getaway;124;Just Dreamy;124
Mister Riptide;124

8th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Moscato;124;Knockem Out Daddy;124
James Oliver;124;The Cartel Got Katie;124
Kelly Call Me;124;W R Chili River;124
Vgc Saucito;124;Tye Dye Tres;124
If You See Kay;124

9th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Halle Girl;124;Javys Brown Sugar;124
Daddys Got Aces;124;Lunatik;124
Quintessential King;124;Youvegotagirlcrush;124
Alive N Kicking;124;Finnley;124
Subtly Jess;124

10th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Know Lookin Back;124;Dark Moon;124
Cardonal;124;Little Miss Dee Dee;124
Girl With a Plan;124;Bratva;124
Shes More;124;Chick N Pot Pie;124
Daddys Habits;124

11th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Big Wine Glass;124;Lifes a Dannce;124
Jesse George Jr;124;Cona Sur;124
The Winners Straw;124;Champagne Room;124
Once Upon a Vine;124;Tepozan;124
Perrys Regard;124

12th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

This Chick Rules;124;Flash the Corona;124
Eyem Mr Blu;124;Woodbridge Chick;124
Give Me Cash Jess;124;Ashleigh;124
Too Pina Coladas;124;Outta Debt;124
Riverside Warrior;124;Queen of Thrones;124

13th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3½f.<

Absolutely Flashing;124;Big Daddy Noodles;124
My Marria;124;Stominado;124
Cyns of D Money;124;Tilia;124
First Apollo Moon;124;Shamelesss;124
Daddies Superstar;124;Star of the Cartel;124

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