Gabrielle Union: Every woman can relate to Jessica Alba

April 4, 2019

Gabrielle Union thinks every woman can relate to Jessica Alba.

The 46-year-old actress has gushed over how amazing her ‘LA’s Finest’ co-star is as she praised her friend for juggling being a mother to Honor, 10, Haven, seven, and Hayes, 15 months, and her career.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “What I love about Jessica is women can relate to her. She’s a mother of three while also at the same time creating a billion-dollar company that’s all about the health and wellness of your families. And, she’s sexy as hell and she’s a kick ass action hero by day - doesn’t really get much better than that.”

Meanwhile, Jessica previously insisted she wants her children to understand that “work is important” even though they sometimes “complain” when their parents have to go to work.

She said: “If my kids complain when Cash and I go to work, I say, ‘Do you like your life? Because it’s not free. Your dad and I work hard so you can have everything you have. That’s why you take care of your stuff. And guess what? If you don’t work hard, your life won’t always be like this. You’ve got to figure out what you want to do. Go to school, do well, treat others well.’ I’m hardcore about that.

“I can’t be at every school drop-off and pickup, but I’m showing her my time is valuable and that she has value to me. I also want her to see that my work is important and that I’m trying my best to make a difference, and maybe she’ll absorb it ... I’m getting back to acting because it’s my first love and part of my identity. Hollywood is different now from when I semi-retired 10 years ago. There’s a new awareness of how important it is for women to be paid well and represented in front of and behind the camera.”