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August 17, 2018

La PORTE — We may not give our garage doors a second thought, but Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc., 6836 W. Johnson Road, makes it their business to keep the openings of both residential and commercial buildings filled and functioning well.

“Nine times out of 10, if you have an opening on your building, we can find something to fill it with,” said Pam Hunsley.

Pam and her husband, Eric Hunsley, who live in Union Mills, own Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc. together with Dan and Susie Wineholt of La Porte. The business began in 1995 and moved to its current location at 6836 W. Johnson Road in La Porte 10 years ago; it has five additional employees.

“We try to take care of our customers as soon as they call,” Pam said. “We try to treat all of our customers like friends or family.”

This is evident in their free estimates, 24-hour emergency service, and one-year labor warranties. Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc. covers a 60-mile radius including La Porte, Porter, Lake, Stark and Berrien counties.

In addition to selling new residential and commercial garage doors and garage door openers, Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc. also repairs and replaces garage door cables, springs, bottom rubber and other hardware. They handle mini storage warehouse doors, springs and hardware, and even service hangar doors up to 80 feet wide at area airports as well as swing, slide and barrier gate installation and repairs. And, Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc. also provides equipment including seals, bumpers, shelters and levelers for business’ docks and dock pit areas. The business is an authorized Genie, Liftmaster, CHI, Wayne-Dalton and Trac-Rite servicing dealer.

“People will tend to spend thousands of dollars on a front door, but go cheaper on garage doors,” said Pam. “A lot of times it’s the garage door you use more and is seen first.”

She talked about how, over the years, the garage door industry has drastically evolved.

“There’s so many options with windows, colors, design and insulation,” said Pam. “Both residential and commercial doors can be custom-made for your look.”

Today, manufacturers can color match any siding color for homeowners that want their garage doors to blend in with the color of their homes, explained salesperson Angela Schweder, who began with the business 15 years ago. The manufacturer assigns a customer color number to that shade for further reference.

“You can even have a photo or your favorite sports team logo on the inside of your garage door,” said Schweder. “You can even have a pink door.”

She mentioned that black garage doors are currently a popular trend among homeowners. Schweder also recalled an Ogden Dunes customer who ordered custom doors made out of white oak wood for their beach house.

“We encourage you to shop around. A standard price on a garage door isn’t the norm anymore,” Pam said.

She touched on the importance of insulation in garage doors attached to homes to better contain the residual heat from living areas and to offer more sound absorption. Furthermore, garage doors in a heated garage should be highly insulated because of their significant heat loss, she recommended.

Color and design aren’t the only changes to garage doors. Pam noted the significant safety improvement in the last few decades of photo electric sensors. Now required by law, these detect an obstruction while the garage door is closing and reverse the movement of the door to prevent entrapment.

Now available on new installations, a spring cycle counter counts down how many times the garage door is used and alerts homeowners when the spring is nearing its typical lifetime expectancy. This will alleviate the inconvenience of an unexpected spring replacement.

“Garage door springs are a very dangerous thing to try and fix yourself,” Pam cautioned home and business owners alike.

She also mentioned new technology that gives homeowners the capability to close their garage doors through their smartphones.

Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc. supports various organizations and events in the local community including La Porte County Parks and Recreation’s softball league, Mill Pond Fest, the Union Mills Lions Club, annual golf outings and other sports and children’s activities. It is also a member of the Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce.

Operating hours for Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc. are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information about this business, call (219) 872-3667 or look up “Tri-Star Garage Door & Entry Systems, Inc.” on Facebook.

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