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‘Apes’ Production Behind Schedule

July 19, 2001

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LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Special-effects workers are going bananas trying to finish director Tim Burton’s ``Planet of the Apes″ remake in time for release next week.

Production has fallen a critical three to four days behind schedule on the $100 million film while effects supervisors work around the clock fine-tuning the sci-fi adventure, said Bob Harper, vice chairman of 20th Century Fox.

``I just met with the guys this morning after their first round of sleep,″ Harper told the Los Angeles Times for a story published Wednesday.

Harper downplayed the production delays, saying the movie will be ready for its scheduled release on July 27. A finished version of the film is set to screen for critics on Tuesday.

Executives said when production began last year that it would be a race to finish in time, Harper said.

``Tim volunteered to give us the movie for the summer, and they pulled off the impossible,″ he said.

Meanwhile, composer Danny Elfman has engaged in similar marathon sessions to complete the movie’s music. Studio executives recently asked him to revise some of the score to make it sound ``more heroic.″

``Planet of the Apes″ stars Mark Wahlberg as a human astronaut who becomes stranded on an alien planet populated by talking primates. Michael Clarke Duncan, Tim Roth and Helena Bonham Carter co-star.

Charlton Heston, the star of the original 1968 version, will appear in a cameo role.

Burton is known for his films ``Batman,″ ``Beetlejuice″ and ``Sleepy Hollow.″


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