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Rexburg grandpa makes a name for himself at Grandpa’s Kitchen

By Lisa Dayley Smith Standard JournalMay 28, 2019

From his Rexburg home, Jere Clune runs Grandpa’s Kitchen, a company specializing in gluten-free foods.

A partner in the company, Clune says he enjoys working from home, although it has many pros and cons. It’s nice working from home, but it often lacks the interaction and energy often associated with a busy office, he said.

“I have very little tolerance for my laziness, and so that’s one thing that I wrestle with,” Clune said. “When you’re your own boss and are at home, you become distracted or work late at night.”

Despite that challenge, Clune is happy partnering with Grandpa’s Kitchen. He’s been with the company for the past four years, and Grandpa’s Kitchen soon be on Walmart shelves thanks to Clune.

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