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July 26, 1997

``We believe the agreement addresses the legitimate needs of our employees, while at the same time meeting our need to remain competitive.″ _ General Motors spokesman Darla Parks, after the UAW reached a tentative agreement to end a strike that had idled four of the company’s plants.


``No one ever played the game like Mr. Hogan and no human has ever come as close to controlling the golf ball as perfectly as he did. He was relentless in his pursuit of perfection. Ben Hogan defined the inner will that lives within us. The Hawk’s shadow will be felt upon the game forever.″ _ Golfer Ben Crenshaw, speaking Friday after the death of Ben Hogan.


``You did a great job. It cost me a bundle but I was willing to spend the dough. I knew a jury wasn’t going to say I was wrong. I knew a jury would back me up and you did. I’m very, very grateful. ... I love you all.″ _ Actor Carroll O’Connor, speaking Friday after jurors cleared him of slander.

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