Local boxing club still looking for a home

March 3, 2019

STERLING — After more than 2 months since he had to leave his latest location, local amateur boxing icon Al Silva said he still is searching for a place to call home for his training gym.

In late December, Silva was preparing to set up a training facility in the old Franz/Wayne-Dalton Corp. building, now known as The Warehouse, at 301 W. Third St. However, the owner of the building who said Silva could use space there and pay only a portion of utilities then sold the building. The new owner told Silva he would have to pay rent which Silva could not afford since he has never charged his athletes for training.

So, he moved out and has been on the lookout ever since for a new home to continue training.

“No nothing yet,” Silva said when contacted for an update on the search. “I haven’t received anything yet. I’ve been going around asking different people to see if I can find something.”

In the meantime, Silva has been unable to continue training the 18 students he was working with two months ago, ranging in age from 8 to the late 20s. Many are from underprivileged backgrounds, and for them this club has been a lifeline. Still, that factor tends to limit the search area for Silva.

“I want to stay close to Sterling since most kids ride their bikes and they don’t have transportation,” he said.

He has been keeping in touch with some of his athletes that he trains and he tells them to stay in shape.

“There’s a couple of kids I talk to and I tell them to make sure they get their running in,” Silva said.

Silva does have some starter money should he ever find a place thanks to a GoFundMe account that has raised $3,145 in 2 months and all donations are tax-deductible since his training gym is a non-profit.

Anyone who may have a location that could be used for the boxing gym can contact Silva at 815-441-0487.