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Men Accused of Killing Boy

October 4, 1997

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ For weeks, neighbors warned Jeffrey Curley not to get in the Cadillac with two men who promised to give him a free bike.

On Friday, those men were accused of abducting the 10-year-old, smothering him with a gasoline-soaked rag, stuffing his body in a concrete-filled container and dumping it into a New Hampshire waterway.

Prosecutors said pornography from the North American Man/Boy Love Association was found in the car, and one of the suspects, car detailer Charles Jaynes, 22, may have sexually abused the boy after he was killed.

The other suspect, 21-year-old Salvatore Sicari, who was described in court as Jaynes’ lover, had been seen in the neighborhood posting fliers after the boy was reported missing Wednesday.

``He was a lovely kid,″ said neighbor Jackie Linnane. ``His only problem was he was too friendly.″

Authorities were searching a cove in Portsmouth, N.H., where the Piscataqua River empties into the Atlantic for the boy’s 4-foot-10, 80-pound body.

Several neighbors believe it was the promise of a new bike that lured Jeffrey into the car; his godmother said he had three bicycles stolen over the past few months.

``He told his mother last week that a friend was going to give him a bike, and she told him, `Nobody gets a bike for free. Stay away from him,‴ said Mary Higgins, the godmother. ``She thought it was all over with.″

Jeffrey disappeared Wednesday afternoon after visiting his grandmother’s house, which is a few blocks from his parents’ home.

Based on rumors about the men in the Cadillac approaching Jeffrey in the past, the boy’s older brother and four other men went to confront Jaynes at the Honda car dealership where he was working Thursday.

``You’re coming with us. You’re coming with us,″ the men told Jaynes as they tried to get the 250-pound man into a car, according to sales manager Robert Harrah. ``My eyes happened to meet his,″ Harrah said, ``and it was just like, `Help.‴

Police intervened and arrested Jaynes on outstanding larceny and fraud charges. Prosecutor David Yannetti said that investigators were continuing to question Jaynes in the boy’s killing and that further charges were likely.

Outrage over the slaying erupted after Sicari, wearing a bulletproof vest, pleaded innocent Friday to murder and kidnapping charges and was ordered held without bail. As he was led from the courthouse to jail, 15 to 20 teen-agers swarmed Sicari and had to be held off by police as they peppered him with obscenities.

``This is obviously as tough a blow as you can take,″ said the boy’s father, Robert Curley. ``But we’re going to try and move on with the help of our family and friends. We’ll bring our little boy home and put him to rest.″

In another child-abduction case, transcripts released Friday night from a court hearing show that the parents of the New Jersey teen-ager accused in the strangling of 11-year-old Eddie Werner had asked a judge to commit their son to a mental hospital three days before the slaying.

But the judge said Sam Manzie, 15, didn’t need to enter a treatment center because his violent behavior could be overcome by daily counseling and a positive outlook.

``It appears to me that you’re a fine young man and that the problem that exists in this family unit can be overcome if everybody will take a positive approach, a positive attitude and understand that everybody’s motivation is the same,″ Superior Court Judge James N. Citta.

Last Saturday, Eddie disappeared while selling candy and wrapping paper door-to-door for the PTA at his Jackson Township school. His body was discovered Monday night in the woods.

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