UMG Media Corp. Teams with Major League Baseball Players Association to launch first-ever esports series for Major League baseball players

September 27, 2018

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UMG Media Corp. (UMG) through its subsidiary UMG JMG Series Corp. is thrilled to launch, together with Major League Baseball Players Association (“MLBPA”), the first ever esports series of competitions for Major League Baseball players. Both active and retired players will compete against each other in the esports competition.

The MLBPA Fortnite Challenge is set to begin with online matches October 1 and will culminate with a live Championship in Las Vegas in December 2018. Fans will be able to follow their favorite baseball players through the Challenge Series as the matches will be streamed through www.twitch.tv/umgevents.

“We’ve all watched Major League players compete against each other on the field, now we’ll have the opportunity to test their video game skills against each other, as well,” said Evan Kaplan, the MLBPA’s director of licensing and business development. “We’re excited to team with UMG JMG Series Corp for this new series.”

UMG has also partnered with Caesars Entertainment along with The Wall Gaming Lounge to host the Live Championship Finals in December 2018. The Live Final will host 16 teams of Major League Players competing for the MLBPA Challenge Series title as well as cash prizes. The Wall will welcome both the players and their fans to one of the best esports gaming lounges in Las Vegas.

“Being part of the first esports initiative of the MLBPA is very exciting, and initial response of the players has been tremendous, I can’t wait to see them compete,” explains Emil Bodenstein, of UMG JMG. Emil continues, “Partnering with the MLBPA and Caesars for such a unique series is great for both the players and their fans.”

Fans will be able to see progress of the series at umggaming.com and will be able watch and follow the highlights at www.twitch.tv/umgevents.

For More Information Contact:

Dave AntonyUMG Media Corp. dantony@umggaming.com or 403-531-1710

Emil BodensteinUMG JMG Series Corp emil@umggaming.com or 813-434-0508

About UMGUMG Media Corp. (“UMG”) is one of the premier esports companies in North America, offering live gaming entertainment events and online play. With offices in St. Louis and Calgary, UMG has hosted live esports events in centers such as Orlando, Nashville, Washington, South Carolina, Niagara Falls, Reno, Las Vegas, and Dallas. UMG Online has hosted over 18 million online matches, and has over 2.1 million registered users. UMG’s mission is to bring competitive gaming and quality gear to gamers everywhere.For more information about UMG visit www.umggaming.com.

About the Major League Baseball Players Association:The Major League Baseball Players Association is the labor union that represents players on clubs’ 40-man rosters for the purposes of collective bargaining, contract administration and enforcement. The MLBPA also represents players’ collective business interests through its Players Choice licensing program and their collective charitable interests through the Major League Baseball Players Trust. You can learn more about the MLBPA by visiting its website www.MLBPlayers.com.

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