Undated (AP) _ A lightning-sparked fire charred more than 10,000 acres and forced half the residents of a Nevada mountain village to flee, while prisoners today helped battle a brush blaze that threatened 35 homes near Palm Springs, Calif.

About 300 firefighters who fought the Nevada fire all day Sunday in the Lovell Canyon area, 25 miles southwest of Las Vegas, slept early today and awaited 200 reinforcements before renewing the battle at dawn, said Elena Arellano, spokeswoman for the Bureau of Land Management.

About half the 100 residents of Mountain Spring were evacuated Sunday night as the fire consumed between 10,000 and 12,000 acres, said Ms. Arellano. The evacuees were being cared for by the American Red Cross.

In the small town of Snow Creek, Calif., about 300 miles southwest, 275 firefighters attacked a fire that was ignited by fireworks and fanned by 50 mph winds.

The firefighters were aided by lwo-security inmates from the Oak Glen prison camp who chopped away brush in an effort to stop the blaze, said Capt. Brenda Seabert of the California Department of Forestry.

The Nevada fire began Friday night on Mount Potosi when lightning struck and ignited the dry desert brush of sage, juniper and pinion pine.

Firefighters thought the blaze was under control, but winds up to 25 mph whipped up hot spots and carried flames toward Mountain Spring. Firefighters tried to halt the blaze at state Highway 160, but flames jumped over the two- lane road and kept spreading.

''We're not happy with where the fire is burning because that wilderness area is very sensitive,'' said Joe Ross, a spokesman for the Bureau of Land Management, which is coordinating the firefighting effort.

Teams from Clark County and other Nevada departments, as well as from Arizona and California, were assisting.

Four C-6 tanker planes dropped chemical fire retardant and thousands of gallons of water on the fire.

''The winds, the dry conditions and the heat will make this difficult,'' Ross said. ''We are trying to protect all that we can.'

Fire officials said the California fire was started by fireworks - bottle rockets - found near the origin of the blaze, which began Sunday afternoon.

Winds of 50 mph near the inaccessible eastern ridge fanned the brushfire, which consumed more than 850 acres by 1 a.m. PDT today, said Joanne Evans of the California Department of Forestry. The winds prevented airplanes from dropping water and fire retardants over the fire zone.

Residents from 35 homes in Snow Creek, 10 miles northwest of Palm Springs, were evacuated when the fire came within a half-mile of their homes, Ms. Seabert said.

By early today, the fire was one-quarter of a mile away, and firefighters were using a bulldozer to plow down brush and cut a path around the homes in an attempt to halt the blaze.

The residents were staying with friends or relatives, she said.

There were no injuries in the California fire, but three Nevada firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation, Ross said.

Another brushfire consumed 30 acres in the Dry Gulch area of the Angeles National Forest on Sunday afternoon and forced the evacuation of those using a nearby shooting range, authorities said.

The fire was contained within about six hours, authorities said.