Education Will Overcome Adversity

September 2, 2018

Editor: I grew up in Wyoming and Exeter in the 1950s and was educated in the schools there (EHS ’61). This was a time of economic hardship for many in the Wyoming Valley, the coal mines were closing all up and down the valley, jobs were scarce. But, I know for a fact, because of further education, my classmates of Wyoming and Exeter high schools went on to become doctors, dentists, engineers, nurses, teachers, school superintendents, state troopers, military officers, professors, mathematicians, editors, and skilled craftspersons. The list goes on and is impressive. How did this success in life happen? The message: education (the more the better). It will overcome adversity every time. No matter the time or place. And, make no mistake about it, the schools, colleges and universities of Luzerne and Lackawanna counties are among the best in the country. And, I predict, the coal mines will not be not coming back to their previous levels, contrary to what Trump said. Except for a few specialty uses (like pizza ovens) there won’t be a need for anthracite coal in the future. America will be phasing out of dirty energy and will be going with clean, renewable sources in the future. Science and technology will lead the way. Joe Romanecs TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA

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