ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) _ News Corp. founder and chairman Rupert Murdoch said Thursday that last month's terrorist attacks have cost his company at least $100 million.

News Corp. owns the Fox Network and numerous American television stations as well as newspapers in Australia and Britain.

Murdoch told shareholders Fox News' budget had blown out because of the cost of sending reporters and equipment around the world to cover the aftermath of the terror attacks and the U.S. military reaction.

But he said he expected to get back the money or a large part of it before the end of the year with increased viewership.

Murdoch told the company's annual meeting in the southern Australia city of Adelaide that advertising bookings dried up in the two weeks following the Sept. 11 attacks.

But signs of recovery were already emerging, he said.

``It's difficult following Sept. 11 to really see the future very clearly,'' Murdoch said.

Murdoch also said he expected Fox News to be worth as much as Fox Family in the future.

``It's (Fox News') costs have certainly been blown right off its budget for this year,'' he said. ``We expect to get that back with increased ratings and increased advertising before the year is out or at least a large part of it.''

Murdoch said the global media group was in a ``very healthy'' position and had no bank debt. He also said that News Corp.'s chances of buying DirecTV are about ``50/50,'' but didn't say if and when the deal would be done.

News Corp. is discussing a deal with General Motors Corp., DirecTV's parent company, and trying to beat rival Echostar Communications.