Marshall Health updates patient agreement

July 29, 2018

HUNTINGTON — Patients who have been treated in some capacity by Marshall Health professionals in the past four years received a letter recently notifying them their patient agreement form has been updated.

The change pertains to wording in the previous agreement form stating incorrectly that patients may be responsible for certain collection costs and fees should their account be turned over for collection.

No patient accounts have been affected, and Marshall Health has not attempted to recover costs of collections from past-due accounts, said Beth Hammers, Marshall Health CEO.

“It has never been Marshall Health’s policy or practice to collect or attempt to collect additional costs and fees incurred by collection agencies,” Hammers wrote in an email. “We simply updated the wording of our patient agreement form to reflect our policies and practice.”

Around 255,000 letters were issued addressed to individuals listed in Marshall Health’s records as patients in any capacity over the past four years, Hammers said. Receiving a letter does not indicate the recipient owes anything or has a past-due account.

The letter, which includes a copy of the updated patient agreement form, is meant to be purely informational, Hammers added, and the recipient does not need to reply or take any further action. Patients will be asked to complete the updated patient agreement form the next time they are seen by Marshall Health.

Those with additional questions or concerns can contact Marshall Health at 304-691-8658 or info@marshallhealth.org.

Marshall Health is the faculty medical practice plan of the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, meaning members of its health care team are also instructors and professionals-in-training at Marshall University. Headquartered in Cabell Huntington Hospital, Marshall Health has more than 25 locations and 250 health care providers across the region.

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