Creekside 5th-graders learn entrepreneurial, life skills during business fair preparations

May 8, 2019

SPEARFISH — Students from Creekside Elementary School received life lessons over the past month as they learned how to create, price, and market their wares for the annual Fifth-Grade Business Fair.

Just in time for patrons to get that perfect gift for Mother’s Day, the business fair will be held from noon to 2:30 p.m. Friday at the Spearfish rec center.

Olivia Lyons, Taylor Vitto, Laythan Lucas, and Corvin Yenglin shared their thoughts on the project.

After burning her hands on hot bowls straight out of the microwave, Lyons created Liv’s Bowl Coolers, sleeves for bowls to slip into, protecting skin from hot leftovers.

Vitto said she loves to decorate, “and candles are one of my main things.” Thus Vitto’s Votives was born. She filled glass jars with sand and votive candles as well as created candles from crayons.

Lucas said he likes to fidget with things, and using scrap wood, he made Laythan’s Ladders, his variation of Jacob’s Ladders.

Yenglin likes plants. He was inspired to create The Plant Owner due to his enjoyment of plants.

During the process of preparing for the business fair, the students were required to formulate an idea of what kind of product to sell, price the materials for the project, get a loan for their creation, and finally create their product.

Much thought went into the price that they should sell their items. Price them too high, and customers might not purchase the products — too low and the students would not be able to pay back their loans.

Some students built prototypes of their products and changed designs. Other students had projects work properly the first time.

“It did work till my baby brother destroyed them,” Vitto said of her sand-filled glass jars for votive candles. “At least the jars didn’t break.”

The multiple colors of sand mixed together and did not look good, so it was back to the store for more sand, she said.

Lyons experienced issues with her sewing machine she had to overcome.

The skills they learned in preparation for the business fair can also translate into life skills. Vitto said the students can use the lessons when seeking a loan for a car or a home.

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