See you in two years, maybe

October 4, 2018

Recent editorials from members of both parties have stressed the choices Idahoans have when they go to the polls this year. As an independent voter registered Republican these are the choices I see for me. Who of the people running for Congress will tell the President that as the leader of the free world he needs to tell the truth, not half truths, not lies. Who running for Congress will council the President that the FBI, DOJ, and other intelligence agencies are not enemies of the people, but defenders of our democracy. Who running for Congress will tell the President that mocking and calling people names because they disagree with him is childish and beneath the office he now holds. Does anyone in the current Idaho delegation feel bad for what they did to the deficit in order to please their donors? Do any of the current delegation feel bad about what they hope to do to SS, Medicare, and Medicaid? The answer seems to be no if your’e in Congress from Idaho. Please don’t throw me the old distractions of guns and abortion. I see bigger problems, and the current delegation is part of it. They seem to care more about the power their party has than what the President is doing to the country. Considering your efforts gentlemen, I’m going RINO this year. And damn proud of it. See you in two years, maybe.

Eric D’Amico,


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