SRS liquid waste contractor hired hundreds of new employees in 2018

February 16, 2019

Savannah River Remediation, the Savannah River Site liquid waste contractor, last year hired 378 new people, according to a recent announcement.

SRR, in charge of the liquid-waste mission for about a decade, is “on track” to hire at that same level in the next year, according to the same information.

SRR now comprises roughly 2,450 workers. The new hires filled engineering, production, maintenance, planning, safety and radiological protection positions, among others.

The hiring spree helped SRR “break even” with attrition, according to the announcement.

“The missions at the Savannah River Site have been going strong since the 1950s,” SRR Administrative Services Director Dave Hollan said in a prepared statement. “Naturally, we are seeing more and more waves of employees reaching their retirement milestone. SRR is actively seeking to balance this growing rate of attrition by bringing in the next generation workforce.”

Almost a third of new hires in 2018 were military veterans.

“Military veterans display impeccable leadership capabilities and know how to succeed within a team,” Hollan said. “These individuals come to the SRR workforce as a great asset with unique skill sets ready to help us meet our mission.”

The new class also included eight former Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility workers, according to the same information.

The average age of a SRR employee is now 48; when the contractor first got on the job, the average was 54.

SRR is an AECOM-led team with partners Bechtel National, BWXT and CH2M.

SRR’s contract – at this point running on an extension – expires at the end of March. The 10-month extension the team received last year is worth an estimated $450 million.

The liquid waste mission involves handling and processing millions of gallons of nuclear waste at SRS; closing aging, underground waste storage tanks; and operating a behemoth waste glassification plant.