Donald Trump brushes off NYT tax fraud report as ‘old, boring and often told hit piece’

October 3, 2018

President Trump brushed off the New York Times report on Wednesday that tax fraud his family allegedly committed in the 1990′s as a “very old, boring and often told hit piece on me.”

The Failing New York Times did something I have never seen done before. They used the concept of “time value of money” in doing a very old, boring and often told hit piece on me. Added up, this means that 97% of their stories on me are bad. Never recovered from bad election call! Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 3, 2018

The Times reported that Fred Trump, Mr. Trump’s father, left his son “well over $1 billion in wealth,” but avoided paying a majority of taxes on the inheritance. The paper accused the president of receiving the money through “dubious tax schemes” he was involved in.

The White House and Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder, bothdenied the allegations in the report Tuesday night. They said the proper authorities and experts signed off on the interactions.

“Fred Trump has been gone for nearly twenty years and it’s sad to witness this misleading attack against the Trump family by the failing New York Times,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Dave Boyer contributed to this report.

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