Calls for physical harm should be illegal everywhere

February 2, 2019

I request that you publish Connecticut General Statute 53a-179a, Inciting Injury to Persons or Property. I request this because of the unAmerican calls, by some celebrities, for the physical harming of those whom they hate.

The high school incident at Covington is just the latest incident. It has revealed the bitter and insane calls for harm and death to students, who, as it turns out, did nothing wrong. As you know, this is not an isolated incident.

Considering that CGS 53a-179a only has jurisdiction in our state, perhaps other states have similar statutes that can be invoked. Therefore, I ask you, as a public service, to bring this issue and statute to the public square. Perhaps it will help to tone the vitriol and curb those who have a bigger mouth than brain.

Mark C. Rosato


Sec. 53a-179a. Inciting injury to persons or property: Class C felony. (a) A person is guilty of inciting injury to persons or property when, in public or private, orally, in writing, in printing or in any other manner, he advocates, encourages, justifies, praises, incites or solicits the unlawful burning, injury to or destruction of any public or private property or advocates, encourages, justifies, praises, incites or solicits any assault upon any organization of the armed forces of the United States, as defined by section 27-103, or of this state, as defined by section 27-2, or the police force of this or any other state or upon any officer or member thereof or the organized police or fire departments of any municipality or any officer or member thereof, or the killing or injuring of any class or body of persons, or of any individual.

(b) Inciting injury to persons or property is a class C felony.

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