University’s Food Processing Center helps business with food labels

January 4, 2019

LINCOLN - Checking food labels for nutrient content has become a common thing, and the University of Nebraska’s Food Processing Center is in the business of helping food companies get the correct information on the label.

Technical Service Manager Bethany Jackson says meeting regulations on food labels helps consumers understand what they’ll be eating.

Jackson says the Food Safety Modernization Act helps identify those regulations.

“One of the big ones was for our nutrition facts panel that you find on any food label. It has been updated, so one of the great things here is we have access to those types of regulations and have the capabilities to assist food companies whether it be small, medium, or larger sized companies to do that type of nutritional labeling.”

Jackson says the Processing Center has worked with a lot of labels and regulations to be aware of current information to better serve the consumer.

For more information go to Extension.UNL.EDU.

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