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Texans Have 20 Choices Besides Richards and Williams

October 2, 1990

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) _ A write-in candidate for Texas governor says widespread disappointment with this year’s ballot inspired him to run on the slogan: ″A vote for me is a vote for none of the above.″

Tyler Pierson, owner of Tyler’s Fine Dry Cleaners in Arlington, says he’s trying to increase political participation in a year when many people don’t want to vote for either major-party candidate.

″I guess the reason I’m running is the choices we have,″ Pierson said. ″Nine of 10 people just flat weren’t going to vote (because of) the mudslinging and it being the costliest contest in U.S. history.″

Pierson’s name and 18 others will be posted in the voting booth, not as part of the official ballot but close at hand for easy Election Day reference. On Nov. 6, Libertarian Jeff Daiell will join Democrat Ann Richards and Republican Clayton Williams on the ballot.

Among the 19 write-in candidates are a former stripper, a street-corner flower vendor and a man who has hedged his bets by filing as a write-in for every office possible.

The write-ins also include Jim Wright (not the former U.S. House speaker), ″Alamo″ Scott, three ministers, two lawyers, a cooking teacher and a grocery store manager.

″I think I’m going to beat out the other write-ins,″ predicted Bubbles Cash, a former stripper who owns a jewelry store. Her bumper stickers say, ″Texas needs Cash.″

Another write-in is Carl ″Crazy″ Hickerson-Bull, a 46-year-old flower vendor from Austin who wants to legalize marijuana. The perennial Austin City Council candidate has called for the construction of horseshoe pits for cab drivers waiting to pick up passengers at the airport. His fans drive beat-up vans with bumper stickers that say, ″I’m Crazy Too Carl.″

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