OUR OPINION : It’s a day for honoring those who serve our nation

November 11, 2018

Veterans Day, the annual national holiday on which we honor those who have served our nation in uniform, began as Armistice Day marking the end of World War I.

As Americans demonstrate, in a variety of ways, respect and appreciation for our roughly 20 million veterans on this important day, so too should we all pause in reflection on today’s centennial anniversary of the day world leaders signed the World War I armistice and closed four years of conflict in which tens of millions of military members and civilians (including more than 116,000 American servicemembers) died.

The sacrifices of our military personnel produced by “the war to end all wars” remind us of the deep responsibility we as a nation bear not only to recognize our veterans with words, but support them with actions when they return to civilian life by providing them with nothing less than the full measure of benefits and care they deserve.

On Tuesday, we Americans exercised our cherished right to vote in a free election. We may disagree on our politics, but we should remain united always in support of those who serve our country because they, in fact, preserve, protect and defend all of the rights and freedoms, including the right to vote, with which we are abundantly blessed.

We join our fellow citizens in saying “thank you” to America’s veterans today. We also wish to convey to them our recognition of the fact we owe them so much more than that.

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