MUSIC REVIEW: I Used To Know Her - Part 2 (EP)

December 20, 2018


‘I Used To Know Her - Part 2’ (EP)

Released: Nov. 2, 2018

Label: RCA

“Love doesn’t live here, and I’ve got enough tears. Sorry if I can’t imagine that you care.” Revealing lyrics from California-bred singer Gabriella Wilson (better known as H.E.R., Having Everything Revealed). Those lyrics appear on the opening verse of her latest EP, “I Used To Know Her - Part 2.”

The eight-track EP starts in an interesting high note, quickly drawing you in, as you hear the fast-paced sounds of the acoustic guitar, as she sings about loneliness with near perfect R&B vocals.

This extended play has no real rhyme or reason to it, making it difficult to fall into a groove while listening to it.

KEY CUTS: “Can’t Help Me,” “Take You There”

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