City man accused of molesting girl, 12

January 6, 2019

The 12-year-old girl spent two nights at her friend’s house after school was out in June.

One night, she slept on a recliner in the living room while her friend slept on a couch and Brett Stump, then 22, slept on another couch.

After Stump, of the 2700 block of West Dupont Road, told her she was “too beautiful to be just 12 years old,” he shared his cell phone number with her and asked her to come over to his couch.

He commented that she was “chicken” about coming over to the couch at which point she sat down next to him, according to court documents.

He kissed her, then on the mouth and then pushed her down on the couch and molested her, court documents said.

Next day there was a text message showing Stump nude from his chest to his knees.

He asked her for photographs but she didn’t send any, court documents said.

Stump continued to send messages until he got a response “This is her dad,” to which Stump replied “Woah, I must have wrong number then....srry thought I was texting laura.”

An investigation included the victim being interviewed at the Dr. Bill Lewis Center for Children, court documents said.

Meanwhile, Stump told police the victim had claimed to be 17 and it was she who came over to the couch and kissed him on the mouth. He said he didn’t kiss back, court documents said.

The next morning, he returned to his home with his fiancée and children, he said.

He told police he couldn’t remember what messages he had sent or received, but that once she texted him to say she was 13, he told her to leave him alone and never talk to him again, court documents said.

A forensic phone investigation didn’t square with that information, court documents said.

Stump was charged Friday with child molesting and dissemination of matter harmful to minors. There is a warrant for his arrest. 


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