‘Love Thy Neighbor’ To ‘build The Wall’

January 15, 2019

Editor: My great-grandparents immigrated to America from Poland seeking a better life for themselves and their family. They left behind poverty, oppression, and hunger in time to escape the horrors of Nazism. I thank the Lord they did because my family and I would not be here today. They barely spoke a word of English but were welcomed with open arms to our great country, as evidenced by the Statue of Liberty. Yes, they entered the country legally, but the rules were much different back then. Coal barons needed cheap labor provided by immigrants to fill their pockets with money one back-breaking shovel of coal at a time. When a miner died an agonizing death from black lung, as my grandfathers did, there were more where they came from. When I see the Central American refugees on the news each night, I’m reminded of the horrible conditions my ancestors fled a century ago. Sadly, some Americans lucky enough to win the birth lottery shout “Keep Them Out.” Those dangerous men, women, and children are terrorists, murderers and rapists. But if we take a good look in the mirror, we’d see the Oklahoma City bombing, the countless mass murders at our schools, workplaces, concerts, churches, and synagogues were perpetrated almost entirely by native-born white males full of hate. In his historic 1987 West Berlin speech, President Ronald Reagan forcefully demanded Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev “Tear Down This Wall.” Now we have a president from the same political party who demands we build a 2,000-mile wall right here in America. I’m bewildered how so many of his supporters can preach “love thy neighbor” on Sunday and chant “Build the Wall” on Monday. If that’s the country America wants to be, then perhaps it’s time to tear down the Statue of Liberty. Ed Zygmunt LACEYVILLE

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