The past 100 years, April 7, 2019

April 8, 2019

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

April 7, 1919: The U.S. forest service announces that the Taos-Cimarron road will be completed this year. This will be a boon to Taos commercially. In more than one way. It will make connections with the railroad in that direction accessible and the tourist travel from the north and east will be heavy through the summer season. As a pleasure trip there is no more beautiful place to travel than this highway affords.

April 7, 1969: The U.S. Forest Service took a wait and see attitude this morning to a weekend announcement by a group of Spanish-Americans laying claim to some 600,000 acres of land around Coyote.

Jose Lorenzo Salazar, who identified himself as mayor of the newly founded Free City State of San Joaquin, made the announcement inviting settlers to come into the area and establish homes. Most of the claim is on national forest land.

April 7, 1994: A discussion of health reform by state gubernatorial candidates Wednesday was long on rhetorical generalities and short on concrete proposals. One candidate even confessed he knew nothing about health reform.

That was the wrong answer for the audience — members of New Mexico’s Public Health Association gathered in Santa Fe for their annual convention.

… Republican Gary Johnson, an Albuquerque businessman, prefaced his remarks by saying “I don’t know anything about anything. I’m running for governor because we have a management crisis.”

Johnson went on to say that he opposed universal health coverage. The result would be rationing of health care, as well as health care that would be too costly for businessmen such as himself to provide for employees, Johnson said.