Stormwater Fee Calculations Off

January 26, 2019

Editor: My house in Hanover Twp. is 30 feet by 40 feet (1,200 square feet) plus a porch. The water from the front half of the house roof goes into my gutter and out onto (and into) my front lawn. The water from the back half of the house roof goes out in to my gutter and onto (and into) my back lawn. Therefore, all that water from my roof goes where it would go if my house did not exist. The water from my porch, (which goes into a separate gutter and could easily be directed to my lawn), and my 7-foot-by-10-foot (70 square feet) driveway does go out to the street. My sidewalk is 70 feet by 5 feet (350 square feet) which does go into the street. So, the total of my impervious surface is 420 square feet so my stormwater fee should be based on $1 per month ($12 annually) not $4.80 per month ($57.60). If calculated this way many other houses would fall into the $1 per month category. Robert Burger HANOVER TWP.

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