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Man Gets Lengthy Term for Racial Attack on Youth

May 9, 1990

TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) _ A man convicted in the racially motivated shooting of a black youth has been sentenced to the maximum of 14 years and eight months in state prison.

Mark Shane Lashley, 29, was sentenced Tuesday by Superior Court Judge John Shook, who convicted Shook in a non-jury trial last month of second-degree attempted murder, a felony civil rights charge and a misdemeanor civil rights count.

Shook called the 1988 shooting in Playa del Rey an ″egregious offense against society for which (Lashley) will be punished severely with a maximum sentence, which is so justly and richly deserved.″

According to trial testimony, 14-year-old Terrence Goudeau and three young cousins were fishing on June 26, 1988, when Lashley and two friends shouted racial slurs at them.

The boys yelled back and the argument escalated, ending when Lashley aimed a .22-caliber rifle at Goudeau, who ran, shielding a 12-year-old cousin.

Goudeau was shot in the back, and a bullet nicked a lung. Bullet fragments remain embedded near his spine.

Lashley’s attorney, Lloyd Riley, who is black, called the prison term unreasonably harsh and said there was ″too much emphasis on the factor of race.″