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July 12, 2018

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OF MUTUAL INTEREST-BEST OF TIMES FOR INVESTORS — Investors have entered a golden era, where it’s never been so cheap or easy to put money into the market. Perhaps the only downside in all of this is that it didn’t happen sooner. Because while it may be the best time to be an investor, it’s not necessarily the best time to be investing. If analysts are right and a downturn is approaching, it will be up to investors not to turn all these newfound advantages and trading tools into implements of destruction. By Stan Choe. SENT: Thursday, 790 words, photos.

SLEEP APNEA — It’s been two decades since doctors fully recognized that breathing that stops and starts during sleep is tied to a host of health issues, but there still isn’t a treatment for sleep apnea that most people find easy to use. Airway pressure masks are the most common therapy, but many people won’t use them. New remedies including mouthpieces and a surgical implant are vying for a place in the bedrooms of millions of people craving a good night’s sleep. By Carla K. Johnson. SENT: Thursday, 1,140 words, photos.

SMALLBIZ-SMALL TALK-TRADE TARIFFS — The pain at some small businesses started long before new trade tariffs were imposed. Customers in other countries began canceling orders at the first hints that trade troubles were ahead. Now that the U.S. has set tariffs on steel, aluminum and other imports from China, Canada, Mexico and Europe, and those places have responded in kind, distillers, boat makers, metals producers and more are seeing higher costs or an effect on sales. By Joyce M. Rosenberg. SENT: Wednesday, 1,140 words, photos.

US-CHINA TARIFFS-CONSUMER GOODS — Now consumers are in the cross-hairs. Americans may be about to find out how much of what they buy actually comes from China, because many such items could soon cost more. In its previous announced tariffs against its China, the Trump administration had scrupulously avoided targeting consumer goods, but late Tuesday it released a list of 6,000 items that may eventually be slapped with 10 percent duties, and the list is chock-full of consumer goods, including handbags, vacuum cleaners, toilet paper and furniture. By Christopher Rugaber. SENT: Wednesday, 1,010 words.

ON THE MONEY-ORGANICS — Is the “organic” seal worth the extra price? Reports of fraud and disputes over standards may have some questioning organic foods are worthwhile. Experts still recommend organic foods, but understanding the industry’s problem may help give more confidence about shopping decisions. By Candice Choi. SENT: Wednesday, 630 words, photos.

NERDWALLET-ASK BRIANNA-MONEY FIGHT — Don’t avoid conflicts that could end up teaching you valuable information about your romantic partnership. Start talking about money early, get into the details, and make it a goal that you’ll both walk away from every argument feeling respected and understood. By NerdWallet columnist Brianna McGurran. SENT: Tuesday, 740 words, photos.

BACK TO SCHOOL-NERDWALLET-LIST TIPS — Back-to-school season can be hard on your wallet. To save money, prioritize the things your children really need for school over the things they just want. And you can skip some products altogether. By NerdWallet columnist Courtney Jespersen. SENT: Tuesday, 800 words, photos.

NERDWALLET-LIZ WESTON-BUSINESS PARENT FUNDING — Parents usually want their kids to succeed, and many are accustomed to sacrificing to help make that happen. But parents shouldn’t be misled about the risks, financial planners say. By NerdWallet columnist Liz Weston. SENT: Monday, 800 words, photo.

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